About Us

Learn about the love and life behind our products. 

How our family business was born!

Behind Blue Bay Bath Company’s hard work was a desire to help our oldest child, gifted with ADHD.  You read that right, gifted!  She’s brilliant and talented, but that ADHD doesn’t play nice when it comes to fractions, ratios, money, and time. In a fun attempt to practice math while creating skin friendly products for our family, we found ourselves in the kitchen making bath bombs.  The process of creating recipes, mixing dry to wet ingredients, and making half or double batches gave her the hands-on experience to help make fractions stick. As we embarked on a challenging family adventure, with plenty trial and error, we watched our daughter refuse to give up. With her tenacity and family’s support, we created gentle, nourishing products safe for all skin types. Once perfected, then it was just great Mommy/Daughter bonding in the kitchen having a good time making bath bombs. Not too long after that she brought home her first A IN MATH!!!

Today we run a small business with our oldest who has a voice in everything that happens, from the products we create, to packaging, marketing and the financials behind it all.  We’re very proud of the innovator, entrepreneur and independent young adult she is becoming.

What's in your soap?

Have you checked the ingredients of your soap? Body butter and scrubs? Our youngest has eczema, and as we studied the label on his supposed “mild, skin sensitive soap” and found several problematic ingredients! We decided to do better, and became the answer to the conscious consumer. Our handcrafted products are natural and include skin-loving oils and butters without the harsh chemicals and detergents found in most store-bought soaps.

Why Choose Blue Bay Bath?

We are Mermaid & Mom approved!

We use recycled shipping materials, eco-friendly packaging, and only ethically sourced ingredients that don’t test on animals. We are the answer for the conscious consumer’s hygiene and pamper products! Whether you’re concerned for sensitive skin or about what goes down the drain and back into our waterways, we have you covered. Enjoy hand-crafted soaps and bath bombs without problematic colorants or detergents. 


Easy to Shop!

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders $50 or more, and are a one stop shop for soaps, bath bombs, body butters, salt scrubs, and even shampoo and lotion bars.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients!

We only use unrefined beeswax, activated charcoal, certified sustainable palm oil, biodegradable glitter, and plant derived colorants for all products. 

Gentle on All Skin Types!

Our soap making process naturally creates glycerin, the moisturizing element removed from big box store soap. All of our products are hand-made, cruelty free, all-natural, and contain no harsh detergents or colorants. 

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